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What is Quantum Timeline Healing?

Quantum Timeline Healing is a technique pioneered by Sommer Morgan and Eileen Wolf


After years of practicing hypnosis, these therapists found that a single, linear notion of time, regression, and timeline therapy simply did not encompass the Work they were doing with clients. 

In session after session, clients were simply and easily able to access not only past lives, but alternative lives: lifetimes and existences beyond the standard boundaries of ordinary notions of space and time.


These women began diligently streamlining their processes, fusing them into a single technique, allowing clients to experience profound, consistent results, safely and effectively.


Through deep hypnotic trance, the "monkey mind" is settled and quieted.

Quantum Timeline Healing works with the subconscious mind - the part of the mind that has full and complete access to all memories, experiences, records, and information of the soul.

In short: Quantum Timeline Healing is the portal that allows every client full and direct access to the vast store of information that is the whole of their inherent, essential identity.


There is no required belief structure or code needed.

Whether you prefer to use the term Higher Self, or Divine Self, or simply The Soul, the access method is still the same, and the results are changing lives!

Quantum Timeline Healing is available to any and everyone!


Deepen your life's experience with this extraordinary hypnotic experience. 


Do you wonder about your life’s purpose? 

Do you wonder about your soul's history? 

Do you find the same situations recurring in your life? 

We all want to find out whether we're on our Path, whether we're doing what we're here to do...

Wouldn't you love to feel confident about who you are, and where you're headed? 

Wouldn't you love to give witness to your own personal Truths about why you're here, and how you're doing so far? 

Through this extraordinary hypnotic technique, find out the answers to all the questions in your heart, and your soul.  

Quantum Timeline Healing allows you to fully explore the answers to these questions.

Travel to alternate lives. 

Speak to your own Guides and your Higher Self.

Access deep and powerful personal healing.


Schedule YOUR Quantum Timeline Healing session TODAY!

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