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Sommer is absolutely amazing at what she does. It is her super power. There is a reason she is called the mind magician.


The first time I worked with Sommer I was skeptical, yet open minded. She blew my mind away. I cannot deny what I experienced in my sessions with her. Yes, I have had multiple sessions with her. Each one we go deeper, we connect with my guides, they speak through me and gave so much guidance. I have healed tremendous pain from not only this life, but past lives as well (I was really skeptical about this until I experienced it). I have since gained so much clarity, power, and purpose from working with her. Working with her has allowed me to tap deeper into my super powers.


I ABSOLUTELY cannot recommend Sommer enough. If you want to let go of pain and move forward toward your dreams, then do yourself a favor and invest in yourself by working with Sommer. You will be glad you did.

-Tony Fonte

I recently had a session with Sommer Morgan. I did go into the session with an open mind, yet I confess that I had many preconceived notions about what hypnotherapy was all about.

Sommer emphasized that my comfort was important to her and led me through a very relaxing experience. It was very liberating to know that it was an experience where I was empowered and not giving any part of myself away. I was also thrilled at how well the session flowed over Zoom.


I left the session with a clarity about my inner landscape. I felt very supported throughout the whole process, thank you!

-Shelly Willett

I had a session with Sommer recently that began

with shadow work (eww!) and ended with reiki (ahh). I always seem to resist the "writing it down" part when it comes to shadow work so having her walk me through it made it less scary and my thoughts and feelings easily flowed onto the pages.

During my reiki session, Sommer was able to intuitively tap into some issues I had been holding onto in a specific area of my body that had been wreaking havoc for months. She also conveyed a couple of messages that have helped me see things through a different lens and have fostered movement and growth in my life.

I love Sommer's energy! She is super kind, open and multi-talented and I recommend her to people all the time. I also had an Akashic record reading with her last year that was amazing and insightful. Next I plan to schedule a past life/alternate life regression. I highly recommend trying her services - it could be the catalyst for change you're searching for!

-Holly Steinbecker

 I wasn’t a believer, but Sommer was absolutely wonderful. She did hypnosis with me and we uncovered so much in such a short time. She made it such a safe place for me to relax and open myself up. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Sommer, for sharing your gifts. It was something I never new I needed.

-Emily Lopez

So the good old statement "a trainer needs a trainer" or "even a doctor needs a doctor" holds true for Sommer here! She is my go to when I need to dig deeper than I am allowing myself on my own. I have my own practice but even I need a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist!

I recently had a past life regression and I cannot even explain the amount of peace I felt after the session was complete. I felt a deep sense of empowerment within myself and was on Cloud-9 for several days.

I look forward to continuing to work with her to see what else we can uncover and all the healing that I can receive by doing the 'work'.

- Stacey L

I just had an Akashic Records reading this week with Sommer. She was so spot on in answering my questions and giving me confidence about moving into my future with several possibilities. Now I'm clear about the best direction for me, my future and the difference I'm here to make! I highly recommend working with Sommer!

- Connie Houlihan

Sommer is awesome! I've used several of her services and she is always wonderful. I run my own metaphysical shop and usually balance my own energy, but recently things got to heavy and I even needed assistance. Sommer is who I went to and she got my energy back to flowing how it should when I couldn't. She even checked on me later to see how I was doing.
I especially like how she's so positive, but never toxic positivity, she's realistic. If you're thinking about trying something like reiki she's excellent because she listens to you and makes sure you're comfortable. Definitely 5 stars!

- Kalene Grosshouser

Sommer took me so deep into my subconscious. I felt so held and nurtured through the processes. She really does have a beautiful energy.

The session brought up a lot of trauma for me and took me a while to integrate however she held space for me and actually empowered me more to be my own source of healing.

Sommer is so loving, supportive and highly Intuitive.

I would recommend working with her.

Thank-you Sommer

 - Danielle Gannon

Sommer helped me cut cords with people who I felt unhealthy connections to and had already tried healing from in other ways. Before the session, I was emotionally drained from the attachments I had to these people. After the session, I felt clearer and more free of the unhealthy feelings and thoughts I had about them. Between the hypnosis during the session, and the daily follow-up exercises she recommended, I don’t feel attached anymore, and some of the attachments had been with me 20+ years.

- Katie G

I have recommended Sommer to many of my friends and family. She does an awesome job at making her clients feel comfortable and confident in her services. She’s amazing at what she does! 2020 and beyond has been difficult for many of us. After one session with Sommer in February of 2022, I am still feeling refreshed and relaxed. I can’t recommend her services enough!

- Susan R

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