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Meet Sommer

Hypnotist, Timeline Master & Mind Magician

I am a certified Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner (Neurolinguistic programming), EFT Practitioner (the Emotional Freedom Technique) and Reiki Master  that specializes in healing trauma & past life regression to help you create the life of your dreams for your highest good and highest good of the planet.

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Ready to release attachments that are no longer beneficial to your growth?
Try doing this meditation at least once a day and feel energized & Free!


"Sommer is absolutely amazing at what she does. It is her super power. There is a reason she is called the mind magician. 

She blew my mind away. I cannot deny what I experienced in my sessions with her."

Tony Fonte

"During my reiki session, Sommer was able to intuitively tap into some issues I had been holding onto in a specific area of my body that had been wreaking havoc for months. She also conveyed a couple of messages that have helped me see things through a different lens and have fostered movement and growth in my life. I love Sommer's energy! She is super kind, open and multi-talented and I recommend her to people all the time. I highly recommend trying her services - it could be the catalyst for change you're searching for!"

Holly Steinbecker

"Sommer is awesome! I've used several of her services and she is always wonderful. I run my own metaphysical shop and usually balance my own energy, but recently things got to heavy and I even needed assistance. Sommer is who I went to and she got my energy back to flowing how it should when I couldn't. She even checked on me later to see how I was doing.
I especially like how she's so positive, but never toxic positivity, she's realistic. If you're thinking about trying something like reiki she's excellent because she listens to you and makes sure you're comfortable. Definitely 5 stars!"

Kalene Grosshouser

I wasn’t a believer, but Sommer was absolutely wonderful. She did hypnosis with me and we uncovered so much in such a short time. She made it such a safe place for me to relax and open myself up. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Sommer, for sharing your gifts. It was something I never new I needed.

Emily Lopez

Sommer took me so deep into my subconscious. I felt so held and nurtured through the processes. She really does have a beautiful energy.
The session brought up a lot of trauma for me and took me a while to integrate however she held space for me and actually empowered me more to be my own source of healing.
Sommer is so loving, supportive and highly Intuitive.

I would recommend working with her.

Danielle Gannon

"It was very liberating to know that it was an experience where I was empowered and not giving any part of myself away.

I left the session with a clarity about my inner landscape. I felt very supported throughout the whole process, thank you!"

Shelly Willett


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